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Dr Liz King

Profile summary

Professional biography

Liz qualified as an RN (Child) in 2000 and has since gained copious experience of caring for children, young people and their families.

Liz's clinical nursing career includes paediatric cardio-respiratory, oncology, infectious diseases, spinal and general nursing care in ward, HDU and PICU areas in the NHS and Private healthcare settings. 

Liz has been involved with pre and post registration nurse education throughout her career in both clinical settings and in universities as a nurse academic.

Liz has over 10 years of experience working in the Higher Education sector and has held the roles of module lead, year/cohort lead, Fitness to Practice Investigator, programme lead, dissertation supervisor and ethics panel membership. 

Liz is a involved with production of nursing modules and teaches various master classes for OU pre and post registration nursing learners regarding research processes and childrens nursing related topics.  

Liz is also a member of The Open University's HWSC Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility champions group and the Children, Young People and Families research group. 


Nursing/Education Qualifications:

Doctor of Education (EdD) - University College London

MSc Advanced Nursing Practice (Education)- Kings College London

BSc (Hons) Childrens Nursing- Kings College London

DipHE Childrens Nursing- University of Surrey

NMC Registered Nurse (Child) 

NMC Registered Nurse Teacher 

NMC Nurse Mentorship qualification 

Research interests

My main research interests include reasonable adjustments for student nurse learning in clinical placement, and aspects of childrens nursing and nurse education.

I also enjoy co-authoring publications with fellow academics, nurses and student nurses. 

My current OU Praxis research project is looking at Practice Tutors’ views on their readiness for supporting OU pre-registration nursing students who require reasonable adjustments for clinical placement (November 2022-September 2023). 

External collaborations

I am the Chair and Founder of the RAINE forum (Reasonable Adjustments In Nursing Education). 

I am an External Examiner for Kingston University for their Nursing Associate programme and post registration nursing research modules.

I work with the SAGE Journal of Child Health Care as an Associate Editor and lead on the journal's regular podcasts.

I am a peer reviewer for Nursing Children & Young People and Nursing Management journals. 

I also engage in external research consultancy, most recently with University College London as a nursing expert on paediatric consent to cardiac surgery. 


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Podcast 7. Shades of care: Understanding the needs of racially and ethnically diverse paediatric patients, their families, and health care providers in North America. (2023-04-20)
King, Liz; Ladha, Raisa and Neiterman, Elena
Journal of Child Health Care

Podcast 6. Transition from a renal paediatric clinic to an adult clinic: perspectives of adolescents and young adults, parents, and health professionals (2023-03-22)
King, Liz and Crawford, Kimberley
Journal of Child Health Care

Journal of Child Health Care Podcast Number 4. 'We should have been told what would happen': Children’s and parents’ procedural knowledge levels add information-seeking behaviours when coming to hospital for a planned procedure (2022)
King, Liz and Bray, Lucy
Journal of Child Health Care Podcast, SAGE

Journal of Child Health Care Podcast Number 5. Theoretical and contextual considerations for self-management strategies of children and adolescents with chronic diseases: An integrative review (2022)
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[Podcast] Associations between child mental health, carer worry and help-seeking (2022)
King, Liz and Liverpool, Shaun

Journal of Child Health Care Podcast Number 6. A medication adherence-enhancing simulation intervention in pediatric cystic fibrosis (2022)
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Clinical placements: support for students with a disability or impairment (2021-02-03)
Baker, Ricky; King, Elizabeth and Munn, Flavia

Journal of Child Health Care Podcast Number 3. Factors influencing nurse retention within children’s palliative care (2021)
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Journal of Child Health Care Podcast, SAGE