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Dr Helen Casey

Profile summary

Professional biography

Helen is Associate head of School for Social Work at the Open University, supporting and  social work programmes in all four nations.

Helen has worked in social work education since 2002 when the formal commitment to involving people with lived experiences in all levels of social work education was introduced with the new degree. Prior to that, as a social worker, Helen worked mostly with learrning disabled adults, seeking to develop the innovative support people wanted in the community.

Helen's PHD research, undertaken with Durham University, explored the effectiveness of service user and carer involvement in social work education. Helen introduced the 'Mend the Gap' approach into social work education in North east England and is an international co-ordinator with PowerUs, (social work global network).

Within the OU, Helen's roles include being co-chair of the Social Work Research group, the PhD/Professional Doctorate support network and newly establsihed Participatory Research Group.

Research interests




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Externally funded projects

Experiential Knowledge in Higher Education
RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01 Dec 202130 Nov 2024EC: non-FP non-H2020 European Commission: non-FP (inc.Erasmus)

ERASMUS Funding European partnership to develop Higher education curriculum informed by people’s diverse lived experiences.


Service User Involvement and COVID-19—An Afterthought? (2022-06)
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The British Journal of Social Work, 52(4) (pp. 2384-2402)