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Holly Parrott is a dedicated professional, author, and PhD researcher, currently researching the factors influencing BSL interpreters' decision-making to work in higher education. She is doing this while serving as the Senior Manager of Accessibility in Disability Support for The OU. Holding an MBA from the University of the West of Scotland, she combines academic rigour with extensive and diverse practical experience. Her professional journey has seen her excel in various roles, such as CEO of not-for-profits, C-level consultant, corporate finance, limited companies, and start-ups, showcasing a versatile skill set and adaptability in different organisational landscapes.

In her academic, literary, and professional capacities, Holly remains dedicated to advancing accessibility and inclusion, exemplifying the synergy between rigorous research and practical solutions.

Research interests

Holly's current research is focused on exploring the Factors that Influence British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters' Decision-Making in Higher Education. In addition to her primary focus, Holly's research spans not-for-profit landscapes, marginalised communities, and C-level management. She is passionate about driving social change, exploring practical solutions for marginalised communities, and investigating innovative strategies for organisational effectiveness in not-for-profits. Holly's past research has been to understand the leadership dynamics and decision-making processes at the C-level.

Holly is committed to bridging academic knowledge with practical applications and contributing to comprehensive advancements in education, community well-being, and organisational resilience. She believes in interdisciplinary collaboration and understands the interconnectedness of various domains, actively seeking to foster positive change through impactful research initiatives.