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Mr Jonathan Giddy

Profile summary

Professional biography

Jonathan Giddy (BSc HONS; PGCE with QTS: MSc Biodiversity and Conservation) is a doctoral researcher (EdD) and the PGCE science curriculum tutor in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS)

Jonathan Giddy joined The Open University as a Science Curriculum tutor in 2020 at the inception of the OU PT and salaried routes into teaching provided by the OU in Wales.  Jonathan leads the secondary science programme which widens access to the teaching profession, promoting diversification of the education workforce to support the Welsh Government’s national aspirations of reformed, high-quality initial teacher education (ITE).  Before becoming a Science Curriculum tutor in 2020 Jonathan worked for 17 years in the secondary sector, gaining a wide range of skills and experiences informing the design and delivery of the science PGCE programme.   Jonathan is the academic lead for recruitment and admissions on the OU PGCE programme and is responsible for accessibility within the PGCE suite of courses.  

Research Interests

Jonathan's research interests broadly focus on the development of student-centred pedagogies by ITE students.  Jonathan's research looks at the interface between PGCE students' practices and the pedagogies common within Welsh secondary schools.   At a time of radical curriculum change, this research forms the nexus, bringing together school partners, ITE, and students,  in understanding the complex use of pedagogies to implement the vision of Curriculum for Wales.  

Teaching Interests

Jonathan's teaching interests lay in bringing together his knowledge and expertise of effective pedagogy within the OU PT and salaried routes into teaching, across the different settings and phases emphasizing a graduated introduction to teaching.  Scaffolding opportunities for student teachers to experience first-hand a wide range of teaching styles and research-informed strategies to build individual professional identities able to thrive within the Welsh context and beyond.   Jonathan is involved in the co-construction of the new suite of STEM qualifications alongside Qualifications Wales due to be ready in 2026.  

Jonathan is a co-author of the free bilingual Open Learn course Mentoring Mindsets which focuses on quality mentoring in the initial teacher education phase. 

External Collaborations

Jonathan has been a senior examiner and moderator for OCR GCSE Science for nearly 20 years, including an excellent understanding of assessment design.

Jonathan Has been an external examiner for a large London-based Secondary Biology PGCE provider and is accredited by Advanced HE aligning practice to the UKPSF.

Jonathan consults on GCSE Science qualifications in conjunction with Qualifications Wales.  Jonathan has chaired the re-validation of PGCE and Cert Ed programmes at a number of institutions.  Jonathan is an academic reviewer for primary and secondary courses validated by the OU.  

Academic Outputs

Jonathan has presented on progressive learning pedagogies in relation to the Curriculum for Wales at TEAN and at the education workforce council (EWC) ITE conference showcasing the collaborative development of ITE in Wales, by sharing strategies, discussing elements of best practice within the ITE sector and looking forward toward evaluating those outcomes.  

Research interests

Student-centred pedagogy

The Curriculum for Wales  

Qualification reform 

Teaching interests

Science teaching and pedagogy 

Distance learning strategies in ITE education