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Mrs Jo Jones

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I have been working as a Faculty co-ordinator in the North for the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care since 2010 and before that worked in various roles within Secondary and Higher Education. Working with Nursing, and Health and Social Care colleagues I get to see so much amazing work that is carried out in this School. I work with staff across multiple teams in the University, students and employers and try my best to make sure everyone can study, teach, work and collaborate effectively with us in the North of England team. I also work centrally on the module K118 as a Cluster Coordinator for the UK and as Tuition Delivery Lead Coordinator where I contribute to weekly meetings with AL Services about potential TSA/Tutorial issues, share information with regional staff and deliver training on the cluster manager and coordinator roles.

I work from home 4 days a week and tend to be ‘office’ based most working days, but I do also travel out and about within the Yorkshire region and sometimes further afield. This is mostly for Student Recruitment events, Tutor development or employer meetings.

My regional work usually involves

  • working alongside Staff tutors to deal with complex student or tutor queries
  • manage tutor contracts and the allocation of tutors to groups and tutorials
  • quality assurance aspects on the professional programme including placement data reporting to Health Education England
  • manage the Break in Learning and withdrawal process for students on the Nursing programme
  • manage tracking data for students across all the different pathways of the Nursing and Nursing Associate programmes
  • setting up and managing events

I am always happy to take queries and if I don’t know the answer, I am always happy to try and find it – problem solving is something I seem to have become known for.