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A review of research with co-design methods in health education (2022)
Iniesto, Francisco; Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
Open Education Studies, 4 (pp. 273-295)

Professional Learning in healthcare settings in resource-limited environments: What are the tensions for professionals’ knowing and learning about antimicrobial resistance? (2021)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
Studies in Continuing Education ((Early Access))

Antimicrobial resistance challenging professional learning in three LMICs (2021)
Kaatrakoski, Heli; Littlejohn, Allison and Charitonos, Koula
Journal of Workplace Learning ((Early Access))

Ethics-in-practice in fragile contexts: research in education for displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers (2020-08)
Fox, Alison; Charitonos, Koula; Baker, Sally; Moser-Mercer, Barbara and Jack, Victoria
British Educational Research Journal, 46(4) (pp. 829-847)

Advancing Social Justice for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the UK: an Open Education approach to strengthening capacity through Refugee Action’s Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2020)
Charitonos, Koula; Albuerne-Rodriguez, Carolina; Witthaus, Gabi and Bossu, Carina
Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2020, Article 11(1)

The Role of Professional Learning in Addressing Global Challenges: Tensions and Innovations Associated With AMR (2019-10-15)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula and Kaatrakoski, Heli
Frontiers in Education, 4, Article 112

HCI and Refugees: Experiences and Reflections (2018-08-31)
Talhouk, Reem; Bustamante, Ana; Aal, Konstantin; Charitonos, Koula; Weibert, Ana and Vlachokyriakos, Vasilis
Interactions, 25(4) (pp. 46-51)

Museum learning via social and mobile technologies: (How) can online interactions enhance the visitor experience? (2012)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(5) (pp. 802-819)

Can WhatsApp facilitate interaction? A case study of adult language learning (2022-01-26)
Vogiatzis, Dimitrios; Charitonos, Koula; Giaxoglou, Korina and Lewis, Tim
In: Rienties, Bart; Hampel, Regine; Scanlon, Eileen and Whitelock, Denise eds. Open World Learning (pp. 44-62)
Publisher : Routledge

Opening spaces of learning: a sociomaterial investigation of object-based approaches with migrant youth in and beyond the heritage language classroom (2022)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Anderson, James; Lytra, V.; Macleroy, Vicky and Ros I Sole, C. eds. Decentring Language Education. New Perspectives on Language and Education ((In press))
Publisher : Multilingual Matters | Published : Bristol

Can WhatsApp facilitate interaction? A case study of adult language learning (2022)
Vogiatzis, Dimitrios; Charitonos, Koula; Giaxoglou, Korina and Lewis, Timothy
In: Rienties, Bart; Hampel, Regine; Scanlon, Eileen and Whitelock, Denise eds. Open World Learning: Research, Innovation and the Challenges of Higher Quality Education
ISBN : 9781032010915 | Publisher : Routledge

Crossing over settings, practices and experiences: connecting learning in museums and classrooms (2019-08)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Looi, Chee-Kit; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Glahn, Christian and Cai, Su eds. Seamless Learning: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities (pp. 111-137)
ISBN : 978-981-13-3070-4 | Publisher : Springer

Learning across locations and settings (2018-01-24)
Jones, Ann; Scanlon, Eileen and Charitonos, Koula
In: Luckin, Rosemary ed. Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology: What the Research Says
ISBN : 9781782772262 | Publisher : UCL IOE Press

Cultural Citizen Inquiry: Making space for the ‘everyday’ in language teaching and learning (2017-09-19)
Charitonos, Koula
In: Herodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike and Scanlon, Eileen eds. Citizen Inquiry: A fusion of citizen science and inquiry learning
ISBN : 9781138208698 | Publisher : Taylor & Francis | Published : London

Designs for Heritage Language Learning: A Photography project in the UK Supplementary Education (2015)
Charitonos, Koula and Charalampidi, Marina
In: Brown, Tom H. and van der Merwe, Herman J. eds. The Mobile Learning Voyage - From Small Ripples to Massive Open Waters: 14th World Conference, mLearn 2015, Venice, Italy, October 17-24, 2015, Proceedings. Communications in Computer and Information Science (560) (pp. 198-216)
ISBN : 978-3319256832 | Publisher : Springer | Published : Cham

Professional learning as a response to societal challenges at this time of continuing struggle (2022)
Kaatrakoski, Heli; Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : Nordic-Baltic ISCAR (14-16 Jun 2022, Helsinki, Finland)

Design considerations for a systemic approach to technology-supported professional learning (2021-08-24)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison and Kaatrakoski, Heli
In : 19th Biennial EARLI Conference EARLI 2021 (23-27 Aug 2021, Sweden)

Ways of working in uncertain times: a Teaching and Learning Framework development within a large-scale transformation programme on digital innovation in Higher Education (2019-06-17)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : CSCL2019 Workshop “Theories and Methods for Researching Interdisciplinary Learning” (17-21 Jun 2019, Lyon, France)

Professional Learning to Tackle Global Development Challenges (2019)
Littlejohn, Allison; Charitonos, Koula; Kaatrakoski, Heli and Seal, Timothy
In : Pan-commonwealth Forum 2019 (9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh)

Technology at/of the border: a workshop about stories and experiences (2019)
Kruger, M.; Aal, K.; Bustamante, A.; Tachtler, F.M.; Talhouk, R.; Fisher, K.; Yafi, E.; Charitonos, Koula and Wulf, V.
In : ACM Communities & Technologies 2019 (3-4 Jun 2019, Vienna) (pp. 336-342)

Emerging directions in research on laboratory capacity strengthening for drug resistant infections in low-and-middle-income countries (2019)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison and Seal, Timothy
In : EARLI 2019 (12-16 Aug 2019, Aachen, Germany)

Online, Blended and Distance Learning for Education in Fragile Contexts (2019)
Mohan, Giles; Taylor, Faye and Charitonos, Koula
In : PanCommonwealth Forum PCF9 (9-12 Sep 2019, Edinburgh)

Learning in uncertain situations: an examination of tensions within a large-scale transformation programme in a HE institution (2018-09)
Charitonos, Koula and Littlejohn, Allison
In : 9th International conference of the EARLI SIG 14 Learning and Professional Development: Interaction, learning and professional development (12-14 Sep 2018, University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Evaluating the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2018-06)
Charitonos, Koula; Anastopoulou, Stamatina; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Albuerne, Carolina
In : CALRG Annual Conference 2018 (18-19 Jun 2018, The Open University, Milton Keynes) (p 24)

Community-based interventions for language learning among refugees and migrants (2017-06)
Charitonos, Koula and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes
In : Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis, Communities & Technologies 2017 (26-30 Jun 2017, Troyes, France)

Urban explorations for language learning: a gamified approach to teaching Italian in a university context (2016-12-18)
Charitonos, Koula; Morini, Luca; Arnab, Sylvester; Cervi-Wilson, Tiziana and Brick, Billy
In : EUROCALL 2016 CALL communities and culture (24-27 Aug 2016, Limassol, Cyprus) (pp. 94-99)

Using object-based activities and an online inquiry platform to support learners’ engagement with their heritage language and culture (2016-12-18)
Charitonos, Koula; Charalampidi, Marina and Scanlon, Eileen
In : EUROCALL 2016 (24-27 Aug 2016, Limassol, Cyprus) (pp. 87-93)

ImparApp: designing and piloting a game-based approach for language learning (2016-10)
Morini, Luca; Charitonos, Koula; Arnab, Sylvester; Cervi-Wilson, Tiziana; Brick, Billy; Bellamy-Wood, Tyrone and Van Leeuwen, Gaetan
In : 10th European Conference on Games Based Learning (6-7 Oct 2016, Paisley, Scotland)

Trajectories of learning across museums and classrooms (2012)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
In : The Transformative Museum (22-25 May 2012, Roskilde, Denmark)

Museum Learning via Social Media: (How) Can Interactions on Twitter Enhance the Museum Learning Experience? (2011)
Charitonos, Koula
In : Learning, Media and Technology Doctoral Conference (4/7/2011, London, UK)

Museum learning 2.0: how (can) Web 2.0 technologies be used for enhancing the museum learning experience? (2011)
Charitonos, Koula; Blake, Canan; Scanlon, Eileen and Jones, Ann
In : EVA London 2011: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (6-8 Jul 2011, London, UK)

‘Get up, stand up for your rights’: a research study investigating the use of social media for enhancing the museum learning experience (2011)
Charitonos, Koula
In : EARLI 2011-JURE Pre-Conference (29-30 Aug 2011, Exeter, UK)

Promoting positive attitudes in children towards museums and art: a case study of the use of Tate Kids in primary arts education (2010)
Charitonos, Koula
In : Museums and the Web 2010: the International Conference for Culture and Heritage Online (13-17 Apr 2010, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Researching communicative approaches to English language teaching using peer ethnographic method in Jordan’s refugee settings. (2022-08)
Charitonos, Koula; Khalil, Betul; Bonfini-Hotlosz, Cindy; Webster, Ben; Tara, Ross; Salim, Ahmed; Abu Allan, Ekhlass; Badwi, Wajeeh and Aristorenas, Miki
INEE, New York.

Innovating Pedagogy 2022: Open University Innovation Report 10 (2022-07-07)
Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes; Bossu, Carina; Charitonos, Koula; Coughlan, Tim; Ferguson, Rebecca; FitzGerald, Elizabeth; Gaved, Mark; Guitert, Montse; Herodotou, Christothea; Maina, Marcelo; Prieto-Blázquez, Josep; Rienties, Bart; Sangrà, Albert; Sargent, Julia; Scanlon, Eileen and Whitelock, Denise
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Principles in practice. Co-creation of Learning in complex and challenging environments. Discussion Guide and Toolkit. (2021-12)
Charitonos, Koula; Hoggart, Lesley; Jones, Rebecca; Keogh, Peter and Scott, Ellen
The Open University and the ACCESS consortium

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance through Professional Learning: The Development and Evaluation of the Global AMR Curriculum (2021-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Dawadi, Saraswati; Mcmullan, Rachel; MacQueen, Hilary; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Ullmann, Thomas and De Munari, Paola
The Open University

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: The AMR Surveillance Toolkit (2021)
Charitonos, Koula; Goshtasbpour, Fereshte; Dawadi, Saraswati; Littlejohn, Allison; Badger, S.; Vaidya, Abhinav; Giri, Santosi and Owusu-Ofori, Alex
The Open University

Ethics-in-practice in fragile contexts: The value of the CERD ethical appraisal framework (2020-06-24)
Baker, Sally; Jack, Victoria; Moser-Mercer, Barbara; Charitonos, Koula and Fox, Alison

Technology-supported Capacity Building on AMR Surveillance: Findings from the Pilot Phase (2019-10-11)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Kaatrakoski, Heli; Fox, Alison; Chaudhari, Vasudha; Seal, Timothy and Tegama, Natalie
The Open University

Evaluation of the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (2019-09-20)
Charitonos, Koula; Witthaus, Gabi; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Anastopoulou, Stamatina
The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Supporting laboratory professionals in low- and middle-income countries to learn about antimicrobial resistance on the job (2019-05-31)
Charitonos, Koula

Comparative evaluation of the MAZI pilots (version 3) (2018-12-31)
Davies, Gareth; Gaved, Mark; Charitonos, Koula; McAndrew, Patrick; Jones, Ann and Scanlon, Eileen
The MAZI Consortium

The evaluation of Refugee Action's 'Frontline Immigration Advice Project'. Deliverable 2 (2018-12)
Charitonos, Koula; Anastopoulou, Stamatina and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes
The Open University

Ways of Working and Learning in AMR surveillance systems in LMICs: Findings from the scoping phase (2018-11-26)
Charitonos, Koula; Littlejohn, Allison; Seal, Timothy and Kaatrakoski, Heli
The Open University

D3.10 Comparative study of the MAZI pilots (version 3) (2018)
Davies, Gareth; Gaved, Mark; Charitonos, Koula; McAndrew, Patrick; Jones, Ann and Scanlon, Eileen
European Commission