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Dr Karen Foley

Profile summary

Professional biography

As Academic lead for Student Hub Live (, I oversee the strategic direction of the OUs live online interactive platform to facilitate academic community for students. Working with a team of people, I plan, communicate, deliver and evaluate the multi-platform programme of events.

I chair Y032, People work and society, the largest Access module that feeds into psychology, social science, business, law, health and education. This has involved chairing three presentations per year and overseeing the mid-life review that included a substantial restructure and rewrite of the module.

I am the production chair of Y034, the Access module for psychology, social science, education, health and social care, and sport due for first presentation in 2023.   

I chaired of the community and sense of belonging task and finish group (2021/2022) and am involved with promoting community and sense of belonging in a range of ways for OU students.

I am the academic reviewer for Maryvale Institution, a validated partner to the Open University.  

Key interests:

Student engagement, community and sense of belonging, large scale online interactive teaching, Access (foundation), and widening participation.

Research interests

  • Community and sense of belonging
  • Student engagement in distance and online learning
  • Online communities to support progression and retention
  • Large scale, live interactive events to facilitate student engagement, interaction and discussion

Teaching interests

I am an Associate Lecturer for the OU (Tutor) for DD102 (Introducing the Social Sciences) DD210 (Living Psychology). 



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