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Dr Magdalena Muc Da Encarnacao

Profile summary

Professional biography

Post-doctoral Research Associate in the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport.

My research expertise has grown from a biological background (MSc, Biology; Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland). Building on my Doctoral studies which examined the role of common risk factors in the association between obesity and asthma (Ph.D., Biological Anthropology; University of Coimbra, Portugal), I joined the Department of Clinical Sciences of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to study the obesity markers, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, and malnutrition in Brazil and Nigeria.

In 2018 I brought this expertise to the Adwareness project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, and led by the University of Liverpool in collaboration with the Open University. I explored children’s and parental attitudes and awareness of unhealthy food marketing to children in digital media.

Since this time, I have been involved in several projects on the topic of unhealthy food marketing and other food policy aspects, for example, menu calorie labeling in the UK, with the University of Liverpool, and a systematic review and expert interview project on the topic of unhealthy food marketing, commissioned by the Public Health England.

I was commissioned by the World Health Organisation (2019) to work on projects evaluating two food policies implemented in Portugal: the sugar tax and regulatory reduction of salt content in bread.

I joined the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education, and Language Studies in 2021 to work on projects advocating food marketing that places children’s health centrally. 

I am a research associate on the CLICKBITE study, funded by Safefood, which is exploring the exposure of children and adolescents to the digital marketing of unhealthy foods on the island of Ireland. I also contribute my expertise to the Best-ReMaP European Union Joint Action, developing EU- wide monitoring protocols and exploring facilitators and challenges in implementing the monitoring program in the Member States.

Research interests

Currently, my research interests are in the marketing of unhealthy foods to children and include:

  • people’s awareness of and attitudes toward unhealthy foods marketing
  • monitoring reach and power of unhealthy food marketing reaching children through various media and settings (methods, challenges, and facilitators)
  • the effect of such marketing on people’s behaviour and preferences
  • food policy and nutrition
  • socioeconomic and environmental risk factors of obesity

Impact and engagement

The Best-ReMaP joint action will result in the development of a coordinated and comprehensive protocol to monitor unhealthy foods in various settings (TV, internet, and outdoors) that Member States will be able to implement. Piloting the implementation of these tools is currently underway in 20 studies across twelve countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, and Srpska Republica). This is accompanied by training the countries’ representatives in using the monitoring protocols and exploring the challenges and facilitators of the monitoring program implementation in order to inform future EU policy and actions.

The CLICKBITE study team is collaborating with the University of Galway as well as a board of international experts in the field to comprehensively explore the unhealthy food marketing ecosystem in the Island of Ireland and inform future policy. This study is likely to contribute to the field with a range of relevant novel publications.

I am recognised as an expert in the field and am active in the campaign run by the European Public Health Alliance to Stop Unhealthy Food marketing to children in the EU.

External collaborations

I collaborate with a range of national and international partners, including from the University of Liverpool, The University of Galway, the University College of Cork, The Directorate-General of Health in Portugal, 13 EU partner countries involved in the Best-ReMaP Joint action, the World Health Organisation (European office), OECD and Joint Research Centre (JRC, EU). 


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