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Mr Mathew Jones

Profile summary

Professional biography

Following a successful career as both a primary school teacher and headteacher for over a decade, he moved to the Initial Teacher Training sector 2010.  Working in various roles as a senior lecturer, Programme Director and the Assistant Director of Teacher training in that time and in 2020 he moved to the Open University as a Primary PGCE Tutor for Wales. During this time he has delivered and supported Welsh and English medium students with their careers.

He sat on the National Digital Learning Council for Wales, worked on the Curriculum for Wales with Welsh Government as well as with Estyn, EWC and the Education Consortia in Wales. He has also worked and produced a number educational resources. He has always had a passion for making the difference to young people’s lives and ensuring their wellbeing and creativity is nurtured in what is an ever changing and challenging world.

Mathew has a BSC in Psychology, Primary PGCE, NPQH and an MA in Education ( currently working on his EdD).

Research interests

Mathew's MA research focussed on Problem-based Learning with initial teacher training students and using it within the classroom context.

Currently working on his EdD,  the development of creative pedagogy through and interdisciplinarity approach is a key focus of his current work.  

His work on this research to date has been written as a blog contribution to BERA and TEAN

Further research interests of his  include digital pedagogy, creativity, & creative pedagogy, PBL, sustainability, polymathy and educational environments. Within his research Mathew aims to help teachers to develop their creativity in pedagogy to be able to innovate and connect and deliver in an interdisciplinary approach. 

As part of his teacher educator roles he has collaborated on various projects including a poster presentations at the TEAN and HEA conferences and co-authoring an article submission involving the use of video technology to support micro teaching within teacher education. He also authored a bilingual resource for Digital Dependency for Welsh Government (Digital Dependency)

Mathew has also authored and adapted chapters within the WJEC textbook publication 'Cyfrifiadureg UG/Safon Uwch ar Gyfer CBAC'  ( Computing A-Level Textbook) that was published in 2020.

Teaching interests

Being a teacher educator Mathew's focus is to develop, support and mentor the teachers of tomorrow, to be the best teachers they can be, but to ensure that the learners have the best experiences they can possible 

He has both been working on an Open learn mentoring module to support student teacher mentors as part of their own professional journeys and also with his work as Digital Champion for the PGCE he has also helped produce some open learn animations to develop the use of technology to enhance the learning experience. 

External collaborations

Mathew also help form and set up the Cymbrogi  Futures educational project based in Pembrokeshire. The vision was to connect educators and learners with the fast-emerging realities of their world and inspire them to take on the challenges. This is an outdoor learning environment for learners and teachers to develop their creativity, awareness of sustainability, collaboration and well being. 


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