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A mixed-methods exploration of the nursing associate role, programme experiences and future career pathways (2024)
Morgan, Pauline; de Lappe, Joseph and Summers, Neil
British Journal of Nursing, 33(11) (pp. 488-495)

‘‘From schoolboy to counsellor: An auto ethnography of deconstructions and reconstructions of the self as a learner” (2021-10)
Summers, Neil
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 28(5) (pp. 753-759)

Patient perspectives of helpful risk management practices within mental health services. A mixed studies systematic review of primary research (2019-07-12)
Deering, Kris; Pawson, Chris; Summers, Neil and Williams, Jo
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health, 26(5-6) (pp. 185-197)

Thinking differently? Autism and quality of life (2019)
Smith, Suzanne Jane; Powell, Jane E.; Summers, Neil and Roulstone, Susan
Tizard Learning Disability Review, 24(2) (pp. 68-76)

Supporting good nutrition for people with learning disabilities (2004-09)
Kennedy, Karen; Pannell, Jenny and Summers, Neil
Housing, Care and Support, 7(3) (pp. 25-29)

Research and People with Learning Difficulties (2002)
Summers, Neil
Living Well, 3(3)

Enabling Practice: An Investigation into the Support of Families with Children with Learning Disabilities (2001-03-01)
Summers, Neil and Jenkins, Christine
Journal of Learning Disabilities, 5(1) (pp. 57-67)

"Wouldn't you rather be in a care home and be looked after?" A path for independent living for Jane (2001)
Pannell, J and Summers, Neil
Living Well, 1(1)

Supported Employment – Images of Possibility (2001)
Pannell, J; Pearce, J and Summers, Neil
Living Well, 2(2)

Enabling Families: A Model of Helping (2012)
Summers, Neil
In: Broussine, Eric and Scarborough, Kim eds. Supporting People with Learning Disabilities in Health & Social Care (pp. 81-98)
ISBN : 9781446288191 | Publisher : SAGE Publications Ltd. | Published : London

The ethnography of help - Supporting families with children with intellectual disabilities (2009)
Summers, Neil
In : University of Utrecht (2009, Holland)

Parental perceptions of enabling strategies of services supporting children with intellectual disabilities: An ethnographic study (2009)
Summers, Neil
In : Children's Identity & Citizenship in Europe (Jun 2009, Malmo, Sweden)

Emerging Themes: Analysis of data related to helping families with children with intellectual disabilities (2007)
Summers, Neil
In : Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb Conference (22-23 Nov 2007, Zagreb University)

Poster presentation - Community, Work and Family: Change and transformation (2005)
Clarke, J; Scarborough, K and Summers, Neil
In : Community, Work and Family: Change and Transformation International Conference (16/03/2005, Manchester University)

User involvement in health & social care (2004)
Smith, M; Hoggarth, S; Scarborough, K and Summers, Neil
In : Practice, Education and Research (21/01/2004, Middlesex University)

Direct Payments: The UK Experience (2003)
Summers, Neil
In : Tokyo Annual Conference (01/02/2003, Tokyo University)

Empowering practice: Families with children with special needs (1999)
Summers, Neil
In : International Portage Conference (Jul 2001, York)

Autism Awareness. Continuing Professional Development. Distance Learning Units (2010)
Summers, Neil
South West NHS Learning Portal

Health Soft online courseware (2004)
Godsell, M. and Summers, N.
HealthSoft Inc