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Mr Nigel Wills

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Professional biography

Nigel Wills
BSc Hons - Mathematics; PGCE Secondary Maths & Music with QTS; MSc - Computational Mathematics

Nigel is the maths curriculum tutor for the PGCE Secondary Programme, having joined the OU in Sept 2022. Previously Nigel worked at St Mary's University, Twickenham as PGCE maths tutor and Digital Lead. Before that he worked as a maths teacher, Head of Department and AHT, and as a local authority maths advisor. 

Combining 15 years classroom experience with 15 years in teacher development, his interests focus on enabling student teachers to leave their PGCE with the skills and knowledge to thrive in their early careers, and to share their enthusiasm for maths with pupils of all ages and abilities.

Research interests

Nigel's broad interests are in developing conceptual understanding in maths, and how the use of technology can support pupils' mathematical undertanding. 

Nigel is just beginning his taught Doctorate in Education and intends to explore how conceptual understanding in maths supports the Four Purposes of the Curriculum for Wales. 

Teaching interests

NIgel's interests in mathematics teaching and pedagogy include collaborative ways of working in the classroom, be that in school or university, and at school level how best to involves parents and carers in supporting their children's enjoyment of maths.   

As Digital Lead the recent need to move teaching online allowed Nigel to explore and develop skills in distance learning strategies in ITE education.