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Mrs Steph Doehler

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Professional biography

Steph is an award winning Senior Lecturer within the School of Education, Childhood, Youth, and Sport at the Open University, where she has been a full-time faculty member since February 2020. She also has a longstanding association with the school, having served as an Associate Lecturer since 2016. 

Steph’s specialised area of focus centres on the sociology of sport, with a primary emphasis on sports communication.

Steph has contributed her expertise as a guest reviewer for various esteemed peer-reviewed publications, including International Journal of Sport CommunicationJournal of Sport & Social Issues, Sport in Society, and Journal for Learning Development in Higher Education. Her dedication to the field of education is further underscored by her Senior Fellow status at the Higher Education Academy. 

Her extensive experience is not confined solely to Higher Education; she brings a wealth of practical experience to her role. Prior to her full-time employment at the Open University, she amassed several years of lecturing experience in both Further and Higher Education. Moreover, her role as a Learning Development Manager within an awarding organisation enabled her to create personal development awards and qualifications, benefiting over 100,000 young individuals annually. In this capacity, she established the organisation's virtual learning environment and designed e-learning content for learners and educators alike. Collaborating with numerous National Governing Bodies across the UK, she spearheaded the development of their leadership programmes. Steph's impact also extends to commissioned research projects for Sport England.

Between 2018 and 2020, Steph held a significant position as a member of the Expert Physical Education Advisory Group, one of seventeen Expert Subject Advisory Groups supported by the Department for Education.


Research interests

Steph's research contributions revolve around critical analysis in the field of sports communication, with a particular focus on traditional media framing and social media framing. Research undertaken has explored this through the lenses of gender, athlete activism, and athlete mental health. 

In her research, Steph primarily employs qualitative research designs to deepen understanding of these complex phenomena.

In recognition of her contributions to the discipline as an early-career researcher, Steph was honoured with the Emerging Scholar Award presented by the international Sport & Society Network in 2023.

Currently, Steph assumes the role of Convenor for the Sport Research Group at the Open University. You can explore their blog, which features valuable insights and research findings, by visiting this link.


Teaching interests

Steph provides extensive expertise in the sport and fitness fields having taught on a wide range of topics, particularly those related to the sociology of sport. She also has taught sport psychology, and professional practice in sport modules at undergraduate level.

Steph currently tutors on E117: Introduction to Sport and Fitness, and E314: Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise.

She has previously co-chaired E313: Exploring psychology aspects of athletic development, and acted as a critical reader on its replacement, E312: Athletic Development: A Psychological Perspective. Presently, she serves as a contributor to an upcoming Sport module, writing a study topic on gender inequalities in sport. 

To find out more about the Sport and Fitness qualifications available at The Open University please click here.


Impact and engagement

Steph has disseminated her knowledge through various outlets, including at several international conferences. She has published in peer-reviewed publications and has several journal papers and book chapters currently in press.  

Steph has also written for The ConversationOpen Learn, and to disseminate her knowledge and expertise. 

She has been invited to speak as a guest lecturer at several HEIs, presenting to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate students.


External collaborations

Steph is an External Examiner at both St. Mary's University and University of East London. 

Prior to moving to the Open University full time Steph worked with several external organisations on various projects/pieces of work, including:

  • Led a £50,000 Sport England funded research project which used the voice of Looked After Children to understand the barriers, motivations and benefits affecting the engagement of young people in the care system from participating in sport-based social action.
  • Project managed the development of volunteer training for the 2018 Sainsbury’s Active Kids Holiday Clubs, in collaboration with ukactive.
  • Collaborated with global fitness company Les Mills to support schools and a new generation of children, parents and carers to be physically active, by creating a new wave of Les Mills BORN TO MOVE™ Activators and developing an online training course to upskill the delivery of BORN TO MOVE™ virtual classes.


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