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Mr Simon Rea

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Senior Lecturer on the Sport and Fitness award at the Open University.  I have worked full time as an academic contributing to the development of modules in the BSc (Hons) degree since June 2007.

I have also been involved authoring/co-authoring 14 text books related to sports science and have recently published a book about careers in sports science which is related to my main research area.

I have been involved in teaching in Higher and Further education since 1993 and most recently spent time working for a private company training personal trainers. I have also worked as a performance coach in first class cricket advising players on nutrition, psychology and physical conditioning.

My specialist areas are strength and conditioning and nutrition for sports performance.

My research area is around work-based skills, which work based skills are most important and how they can be developed.

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Research interests

 Simons research interests lie within applied sport science with a particular focus on employablity in sport science related occupations.

Some of the article's Simon has written for OpenLearn can be found here:


Rea, Simon (2019). Careers in Sports Science. Oxford, Adored Publishing.

Rea, Simon (2015). Sports Science - A Complete Introduction. London, John Murray Learning.

Book Chapter
Rea, Simon and Oakley, Ben (2009). Using reflective practice - an Open University perspective. In: Heaney, Caroline; Oakley, Ben and Rea, Simon eds. Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice. Routledge/ The Open University.
Rea, Simon (2009).  Thinking about motivation in the workplace. In: Heaney, Caroline; Oakley, Ben and Rea, Simon eds. Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice. Routledge/The Open University.
Rea, Simon (2009). Self-employment: programmng to manage time and energy. In: Heaney, Caroline; Oakley, Ben and Rea, Simon eds. Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice. Routledge/The Open University.

I also keep current on the development of training methods for strength and conditioning as well as developments in sports nutrition.

Teaching interests

My main teaching interests are in sport psychology, sport nutrition, strength and conditioning and work-based learning.

I have been involved in the development of all modules in the sport and fitness award. Some of the key teaching roles he has held are summarised below.

E119 - Working with people in sport and fitness

  • Author: Study Topic 4 - Leadership in sport and fitness

E117 - Introduction to sport and fitness

  • Co-author: Study Topic 4 - Contemporary debates in sport and fitness - Options 1 (Sport and safety: do sport and fitness activities create more damage than benefits) and 2 (Is cheating a way to make sport fairer?)

E314 - Exploring contemporary issues in sport and exercise

  • Author : Study Topic 2 - Nutrition for health and performance.

E313 - Exploring psychological Aspects of Athletic Development

  • Author: Study Topic 6 -  Options 2 and 3 - The impact of others on performance / Moral behaviour and aggression.

 E233 - Sport and Exercise Psychology: A Case Study Approach

  • Author: Study Topic 2 - Psychological issues affecting performers in sport and exercise.
  • Author: Study Topic 3 - Adherence and group dynamics.

E112 - Introduction to Sport, Fitness & Management

  • Author: Study Topic 6 - Eating to win.

E113 - Working & Learning in Sport & Fitness 

  • 2009 - present: Module team chair (production and presentation).
  • Author: Study Topic 1 - Preparing for workbased learning.
  • Author: Study Topic 2 - Encouraging and maintaining motivation.

E217 - Sport and Conditioning Science into Practice

  • 2012 - 2014: Module team chair (production and presentation).
  • Co-author: Study Topic 3 - Making sense of movement.







Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice (2009-07-17)
Heaney, Caroline; Oakley, Ben and Rea, Simon eds.
ISBN : 978-0-415-49155-6 | Publisher : Routledge/The Open University | Published : Abingdon