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Mr Stefan Kucharczyk

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Profile summary

Professional biography

I am a Staff Tutor (Education) based in northern England. I joined the OU in 2018 and, as an Associate Lecturer, I taught modules on the Education Studies (Primary) pathway. Previously, I worked as a primary school teacher, a lecturer in the area of primary education and early years and as a consultant in primary education in the area of primary literacies. My Staff Tutor role is focused on supporting the Open University's BA in Childhood and Youth.

I am currently studying for a PhD at the University of Sheffield and my research focuses on children's engagement with videogames and third space literacies. I have worked as a Research Assistant on several projects in the UK and South Africa, including the OU's 'Ready Player One' project (2022)  which explored videogame (Elder Scrolls Online) and player identity.

My publications (selected)


Kucharczyk, S. and Kucharczyk, M. (2021) Teaching Shakespeare in Primary Schools: All the World’s A Stage, London: Routledge

Book chapters

Gill, A., Kucharczyk, S. and Lenahan, C. (2021) ‘Reading and children’s lives’. In A. Gill, M. Stephenson, and D. Waugh (Eds.) Developing a Love of Reading and Books. London: Sage.

Journal articles

Hanna, H. and Kucharczyk, S. (2021) ‘Example of best practice: Participatory film-making with migrant learners in practice’. Intercultural Education, 32:3, pp. 348-351.

Kucharczyk, S. (2020) 'Teacher identity in a performative age: Coming to research through autoethnography' BERA Blog Series, 5 May 2020 [ONLINE] Available at:

Kucharczyk, S., and Hanna, H. (2020). ‘Balancing teacher power and children’s rights: rethinking the use of picturebooks in multicultural primary schools in England’. Human Rights Education Review, 3(1), 49-68.

Kucharczyk, S. (2018) ‘Ode to nowhere’, Storymakers Dialogues: Making Sense of Ourselves in the World, Issue 1, June 2018 [Online] Available at:


Hanna, H. and Kucharczyk, S. (2017) ‘How to use picture books to get your class talking about emotions’, The Guardian Teacher Network, 26 October 2017 [Online] Available at:

Hanna, H. and Kucharczyk, S. (2016) ‘Five ways to help migrant children settle in your class.’ The Guardian Teacher Network, 22 November 2016 [Online] Available at:

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Literacies and primary education
  • Videogames and film
  • Teacher identity and performativity
  • Shakespeare and the place of canonical literature in primary education

Impact and engagement

2019-present. Teacher Talking Time

In 2019, I started Teacher Talking Time, an independent listening project exploring the identities of former, current and future primary school teachers.