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Young onset dementia

Evaluation of an early onset dementia service

Reports on a small research evaluation of the Early Onset Dementia (EOD) Service for younger people in North Tyneside. Results found that the service they provide in North Tyneside was well regarded by both carers and people with dementia.

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:10

Younger onset dementia often ignored

This article reports findings from the literature about available services and good practice in service provision for younger onset dementia, both from Australia and overseas. It looks at the different service needs for people with younger onset dementia, support for carers, and also lists appropriate services from Australia, UK and the US. The article acknowledges that there is still too little awareness of younger onset dementia but that there is an increasing interest from both policy makers and researchers.

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:10

Rapidly declining early-onset dementia: living at home with nursing support

In this video we meet Jim and Janet Swift, both keen travellers until Janet was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 58. Jim’s account of their experience illustrates the widespread effect of a very rapid deterioration, and explores the sense of loss and loneliness that can be part of the caring role. His account also highlights the need for skilled, experienced support for carers – in this case provided by an Admiral Nurse – together with access to regular breaks from the caring role.

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:08

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