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Support and carers

Clicking on a theme will take you to a list of all resources within that theme. You can click on an author's name to find further resources by that author, and use the DOI and other links to access the original source material (note: some source materials require subscription or permission to access). In addition, clicking on the title of any individual resource shows details about the source of the information such as the type of reference, ISBN/ISSN, publication year, keywords. A number of these fields can then be used to find further resources i.e. with the same keywords, or by the same author using the links on the right-hand side and within the Key Information box.

Resources exploring the provision and impact of general and specific help and support are listed within the following 10 themes:


Assessment of carers’ needs.

Care Act 2014 (UK) evaluation

The implementation of the Care Act 2014 in the UK and the impact on and implications for carers.

Carer involvement in research

examples of research where carers have been involved in setting research priorities, [co]designing the study, and/or acting as [co]researcher in data collection, analysis and writing.

Carer research and evidence

evaluation of the type and scope of research evidence about carers, and commentary on its uses. How evidence informs policy.

Carer support

Carers’ needs for support, or specific services/interventions intended to support carers.

Cash for care

Direct payments, personal budgets and similar arrangements that provide cash to the carer to organise support on their own behalf and/or that of the person cared for.

Professional education

The involvement of carers in shaping nurse and social work education and training, and the importance of carers issues being reflected in course content.


Services and interventions intended to provide respite or a break for the carer and/or the person cared for.

Social support and networks

The nature of family, friends and wider community networks able to support carers.

Technology and telecare

Use of telecare, technology, telematics, robotics, electronic tracking etc. and applications for carers and those they support.

Training and carers

Training for carers, and involvement of carers in training of care providers and others.

Value of care

The notional value of care provided by carers, and the value attributed to caring (monetary and other).