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Impact of care

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Resources exploring the consequences and sequela of caring are listed within the following 24 themes:

Abuse and care

Abuse within caring relationships - the cared for and/or the carer.


The impact of bereavement on carers.

Burden of care

The experience of caring as a burden.

Care costs

The costs of caring and the economic impact of care.

Carer depression

Depression in carers as a result of caring.

Carers and employment

The impact of caring on carers’ labour force participation, and implications for employers.

Carers and health

The impact of caring on carers’ health and wellbeing.

Carers needs

Carers’ needs for support in caring.

Conflict in caring

Boundaries, tensions and trade-offs in caring relationships.


Crisis in the supply of care, and in carers’ capacity to continue caring.

Entering residential care

The decision to place a person in residential care and the impact on carers as they continue to care in a new context.

Ethical issues in caring

Ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in care.

Individual impacts of caring

The impacts of caring on specific groups of carers.

Longitudinal study

Longitudinal investigations of carers and caring situations.

Measuring and evaluation

Outcomes and measuring impact of care.


What happens to carers when the caring situation ends.

Psychological impact

Psychological impact of caring; and psychological interventions aimed at improving well-being.

Quality of life

The quality of life of carers and those they care for – the positive and negative effects of caring.

Resilience and coping

Carers’ resilience, and the strategies they adopt in coping.

Risks in care

Practical and psychological risks in caring situations for both carers and those they care for.

Satisfaction and caring

The satisfactions people derive from caring, or satisfaction with particular support.

Social exclusion

The impact of caring on social inclusion and participation.

Stress and strain

The emotional costs of caring and the experience of related stress.

The lifecycle and care

Transitions in and out of care over the life course.