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Carers' burden in stroke and some associated factors in a south-eastern nigerian population

Background Management plans for stroke survivors has traditionally neglected their informal carers- a group very likely burdened by the dependence of the stroke survivors. The need to evaluate their level of burden had been emphasised in some other populations but not in Nigeria. Objectives This study aimed to determine the level of burden among carers of stroke survivors in South-Eastern Nigeria and find out the factors associated with it. Methods This study was a survey of carers of stroke survivors in two purposively selected tertiary healthcare institutions in South-Eastern Nigeria recruited by consecutive non-probability sampling technique. The Carer Strain Index (CSI) - a 13-item instrument evaluating carers' burden was administered on 91 volunteering carers who also gave information on age and gender of carer and survivor, poststroke period, relationship and living status with patients. Results Most carers were significantly burdened. Female carers and carers of female survivors were more ignificantly burdened than male carers and those caring for male survivors respectively and so were immediate family members more than others (p <.05). Carers burden significantly correlates with survivors' and carers' gender and relationship with survivors (p<. 05). Conclusions A high level of burden exists among carers of stroke survivors. Clinicians should assess each carer's burden and address carer's need for a more effective stroke management outcome. © 2002 African Journal of Neurological Sciences.

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African Journal of Neurological Sciences
Le fardeau des accidents vasculaires cerebraux et quelques facteurs associees dans une population de la region sud_est du nigeria
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