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Education of informal caregivers in a home environment

Background: The paper is a review of relevant information from literature sources concerned with the phenomenon of education. The authors refer to education as to a process of personality development influenced by both formal educational institutions and informal environmental impact. Informal environment comprises the family, community groups, counselling facilities and friends. Due to increasing health expenditure, care is moved away from institutions. Therefore, the educational process is also encountered in patients'/clients' homes. Comprehensive home care involves both health and social care. It must be stressed that education of informal caregivers enhances the efficiency and quality of nursing care. Methods: The review was based on COHRANE, MEDLINE and CINAHL databases. Education of informal caregivers excluded studies focused on home care, home, education, educational process and informal caregivers. Results: A total of 8 studies were found. The databases were searched for the period 2000- 2010. [...]

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Conference Proceedings of the IV. International Conference of General Nurses & Workers Educating Paramedical Staff

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