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Perception of social support in hospitalized patients

Grounds: The aim of our work has been to value the social support realised in 64 year old patients as web as in their informal carers in a Hospital Service of Traumatology and, at the same time, to know the specific characteristics in our work. Methods: all the variables have been taken thyrough a triple questionnaire structured in a total of 127 patients, using the questionnaire Duke-UNC to measure the functional social support. Results: For ill people, the punctuation of perceived social support was 44,6 on average; the informal carers presented an average global perception of 43,9. The role of the informal carer is worth as very essential for 51% of ill people, the 37,3% of the own informal carers and the 25,6% of the professional. Conclusions: The best punctuation of social support realised has corresponded to the perception of affection. The informal care is considered as essential for the patient recovery and of great help in hospitalisation.

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Revista Multidisciplinar de Gerontologia
PercepciĆ³n de apoyo social en pacientes hospitalizados
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