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Caring for our future: reforming care and support: equality analysis

This document sets out how the Department of Health has met the Public Sector Equality Duty during policy development, in line with the five chapters of the White Paper. The chapters are: I am supported to maintain my independence for as long as possible; I understand how care and support works, and what my entitlements and responsibilities are; I am happy with the quality of my care and support; I know that the person giving me care and support will treat me with dignity and respect; and I am in control of my care and support. The analysis draws on available evidence, including the findings from the 'Caring for our future'  engagement and consultation with the care and support community. The final chapters summarises the main likely impacts of the reform of the care and support system on key equality groups (age, carers, disability, gender, race, religion, rural communities, sexual orientation and transgender, socio-economic status) and outlines the next steps for reform.

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