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Together for mental health: delivery plan: 2016-19

Sets out the actions required to implement the Welsh Government’s strategy to improve mental well-being of all residents in Wales, during the period 2016-19. It is second of three plans to implement the 10 year strategy. The plan also reflects changes following the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the principles of Prudent Health and Care, providing a greater emphasis on prevention, integration and long term sustainability. The plan covers 11 priority areas. These include: improving quality of life for people, particularly through addressing loneliness and unwanted isolation; that people with mental health problems and their carers are treated with dignity and respect; that all children and young people are more resilient and better able to tackle poor mental well-being when it occurs; there is access to appropriate and timely services; and ensuring that Wales is dementia friendly. The plan is organised in a table providing details of goals, key actions and performance measures. 

Original document (pdf) on Welsh Government website.

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