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S09-05 Beyond family burden - the complexities of carer roles

In her talk, Sigrid Steffen will speak about the core aims of EUFAMI in respect to family members and carers. Sigrid will base a lot of her talk around her own personal experience as a carer of a son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and she will augment this with experiences of other members of EUFAMI from across Europe. She will elaborate on the stresses and strains under which family members (the carers) come under and will discuss the challenges which carers face on a daily basis. Her talk will also include a description of a typical 'journey' which carers and families travel in the execution of their caring role in an attempt to describe the various feelings and pressures they experience. Sigrid will also discuss what she understands to be the critical needs of carers and the level of support required. In particular Sigrid will concentrate on the stigma which families feel and experience during their lifetime, a aspect which is little understood and appreciated by the wider public. In conclusion, Sigrid will detail some of the work which EUFAMI has been and is involved with and which is related to the subject of her talk. 

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