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Caring for our future: summary of responses

To gather a range of perspectives on care and support and help identify priorities for the 'Caring for our future' White paper the government held an engagement exercise from September to December 2011. This included discussions with people who use care and support services, carers, local councils, care providers, and the voluntary sector. This document summarises feedback on the key reform areas identified as having the biggest impact on care and support reform: Quality and workforce; Personalisation and choice; Shaping local care services; Prevention and early intervention; Integration; and The role of financial services. The recommendations of both the Commission on Funding of Care and Support and Law Commission were also considered. There was overwhelming support to change the current system which is not meeting people's needs. Personalisation was seen as an opportunity to achieve better results with the same resources. Achieving this vision would mean a shift in resources across the health and care syste

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