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New deal for carers: Equalities Task Force report

The Taskforce feels strongly that the recognition of carers role and contribution is a priority and essential to achieving equality for carers, and this is reflected in the recommendations. The group considered two potential approaches to strengthening this; extending protection to carers under legislation. This would not only provide an important underpinning to the other recommendations but also have a real and lasting impact for carers in the longer term. It would have two main positive effects; prevent discrimination against carers, which continues despite current legislation and it would respond directly to the lack of recognition which Carers UK research indicates is the top concern for carers. These issues are particularly relevant now due to both the Discrimination Law Review and the Coleman case currently before the European Court of Justice. These provide an ideal opportunity to make a bold commitment to carers rights. Second, to promote sector led improvement through the dissemination of good practice and peer support, with mechanisms to challenge poor performance where it exists. 

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