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Loss of quality of life in family caregivers of stroke patients: An entity to be considered

Introduction: Among stroke consequences highlights the negative impact on the informal carers’ health related quality of life (HRQoL).

Objectives: To identify HRQoL dimensions most greatly affected in stroke caregivers and stablish relations with dependent variables of survivors and caregivers.

Methods: Transversal study of 215 informal caregivers of stroke survivors (1:3 man/woman, mean age 63.6 (±11.03) years). Main outcome measure was health perception assessed with the Short Fom 36 (SF-36). Clinical and demographic data of stroke patients were also registered. Statistical tests used were Chi-square, t-Student test and Spearman correlation coefficient.

Results: Vitality and general health were the most affected dimensions perceived by caregivers. In comparaison with the Spanish general population, female caregivers aged 45–54 years presented a significant reduction in the SF-36 subscales of vitality (p=0.003), social function (p=0.01), emotional role (p=0.038) and mental health (p=0.002). Female caregivers aged 55–64 years also showed a significant reduction in social function (p=0.027) and emotional role (p=0.024). Male caregivers did not present significant lower HRQoL.

Conclusions: Caregiving experience has a negative impact on HRQoL, specially middle-aged female caregivers. Some carer physical and psychological characteristics (depression, musculoskeletal pain, time spent on caring) and survivor disability shown to influence carers outcomes. Caregivers play an important role in the recovery of stroke patients, so that the identification of strategies which help them to cope with the stroke might avoid that the role of caring results in a loss of quality of life.

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Deterioro de la calidad de vida en cuidadores familiares de pacientes con discapacidad por ictus: una entidad a considerar

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