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Participation: (re)interpretation of a core value in the Czech social care of the frail elderly

A variety of non-fiscal input could be brought into discussion regarding the redesign and/or reform of the social care system for the frail elderly in the Czech Republic. It should be based on a deeper understanding of different stakeholders' interpretations of "Participation" one of the core values of the European social model. The study was based on secondary data collected through semi-structured interviews with "informal carers" (family members, non-professionals), secondary data collected through international focus-groups; participants were recruited from master-degree students of "social and health care management" using qualitative content analysis and data collected through document content analysis. With an aging European population, the intergenerational participation appears disputable (not axiomatic) with two generations of frail seniors in one family. Redesigned and/or new kinds of "prevention" services should be in place, possibly refocusing its effort to different target groups to support the perspective of “qualified customer behaviour”. It offers possible direction of further research.

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