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Together for mental health: annual report 2013-14

"Together for mental health" is our ambitious strategy aiming to improve the mental health of the people of Wales and setting out our vision for 21st century mental health services. It is our first mental health strategy to cover all ages and centres on the 6 high level outcomes set out below:

a. The mental health and well-being of the whole population is improved.

b. The impact of mental health problems and/or mental illness on individuals of all ages, their families and carers, communities and the economy more widely, is better recognised and reduced.

c. Inequalities, stigma and discrimination suffered by people experiencing mental health problems and mental illness are reduced.

d. Individuals have a better experience of the support and treatment they receive and have an increased feeling of input and control over related decisions.

e. Access to, and the quality of preventative measures, early intervention and treatment services are improved and more people recover as a result.

f. The values, attitudes and skills of those treating or supporting individuals of all ages with mental health problems or mental illness are improved. 

This is the second annual report on the implementation of the Welsh Government mental health strategy. 

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