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Younger people with dementia and their carers

The study aims to give an understanding of the perspectives of younger people with dementia and their carers and to make recommendations on future service delivery, policy development and practice. The report begins with an extensive literature review, followed by details of the study methodology. In-depth interviews with six sufferers and six carers were undertaken. The findings are reported with liberal use of quotations from the study participants to ensure the voice of sufferers and carers is heard. Sufferers' perceptions of their world are given prominence. Other themes explored include the impact of the disease on the sufferers' immediate families and the reactions of their extended families and friends. Carers' feelings of guilt, fear and disappointment are highlighted and their methods of coping, their attitudes to services and their future expectations are considered. Appendices give details of the types and causes of dementia, profile interviewees and provide a comprehensive bibliography.

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