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iCarer: AAL for the Informal Carers of the Elderly

In the context of the long-term care for older adults, informal carers play a key role. Daily competing priorities or a care-skills deficit may lead them to stress, anxiety and/or depression. The iCarer project (AAL-2012-5-239) proposes the design and implementation of a cloud-inspired personalised and adaptive platform which will offer support to informal carers of older adults with cognitive impairment. By means of a holistic approach comprising technologies and services addressing the intelligent and interactive monitoring of activities, knowledge management for personalised guidance and orientation, virtual interaction, e-learning, care coordination facilities and social network services, iCarer aims to reduce the informal carer stress and to enhance the quality of care they provide, thus improving their quality of life. The iCarer platform will be evaluated through a multi-centre non-controlled study (4 months; 48 homes located in England and in Slovenia). Currently the iCarer project is completing the development work. The evaluation trial is expected to start in August 2015.

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