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Supporting you to take a break

Finding time to have a break from your caring role is vital – welcome to our video series

  • Facing guilt and anxiety: It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your caring role, but you owe it to yourself to look after yourself too
  • Where do I start? Carers share their experiences and tips, explaining why it’s vital to get advice and support
  • Sources of support: Help is available in many forms. Whether you need peer support or professional guidance, you’re not alone
  • Importance of a break - Wales spotlight: Carers in Wales share their views on how taking a break is possible and important
  • Carer stories: It often helps to hear from people in the same situation. Here, carers share their personal experiences and tips
  • Need nore information? This is where we provide all the detail about the variety and range of breaks available to support carers
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