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Caregiving for older adults requiring hemodialysis: A comparison study

This study examined differences in caregiving appraisal between primary family caregivers of disabled older adults receiving hemodialysis (PFCGs-wHD) and disabled older adults not receiving dialysis (PFCGs-woD). A total of 242 PFCGs -wHD and 335 PFCGs-woD were included in the analyses. We used adjustment by propensity score to control for bias by confounding factors. Caregiving appraisal was measured in terms of role strain, emotional exhaustion, and caregiving satisfaction. On the first task, PFCGs-wHD demonstrated significantly worse levels on all three appraisal indicators than did PFCGs-woD. On the second task, only higher emotional exhaustion was significantly mediated by higher role strain in PFCGs-wHD. Further, PFCGs-wHD status directly influenced lower caregiving satisfaction without mediation by higher role strain. Caregiving for disabled older adults receiving HD may be associated with significant challenges for caregivers. 

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