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Family Caregivers' Perspective on Factors Affecting Recovery from Schizophrenia

Objective: To explore caregivers' perspective on factors affecting the recovery of their family members diagnosed with schizophrenia.; Methods: A qualitative grounded theory approach was used. A convenience sample of seven male and eleven female family caregivers of patients with schizophrenia were invited from outpatient (n = 6), inpatient (n = 7), and psychiatric rehabilitation (n = 5) services in an Indian mental health institute to participate in semi-structured interviews. Interviews were recorded, transcribed, and analysed. Similar themes were grouped and the main themes identified.; Results: Caregivers' perspectives on factors affecting recovery from schizophrenia were categorised to two themes: facilitators and barriers. The nine facilitators were (1) getting into a precise treatment regimen and sticking to it, (2) developing some personal attributes, (3) exercising family's role diametrically, (4) paying attention to basic needs, (5) sharing with the Almighty, (6) adapting to a supportive lifestyle, (7) not being idle… engage in something, (8) coming out, being and sharing with others, and (9) having adequate resources with a good support system. The ten barriers were (1) detrimental treatment practices, (2) hampering illness impacts, (3) off-putting personality elements, (4) unaccommodating family circumstances, (5) caregivers' limitation, (6) flaccid support system and scarce resources, (7) ambiguous treatment outcome or prognosis, (8) futile religious, health, and social belief systems, (9) situational factors, and (10) presence of troubling physical or psychological stressors.; Conclusion: The recovery process is facilitated through family involvement and support by mental health professionals. Thus, giving a pre-treatment counselling to the caregivers and repeating the same content to the patients after regaining insight can be helpful.

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