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Caregivers' Experience at an Integrated Memory Care Clinic

Background: The Integrated Memory Care Clinic is a patient-centered medical home led by advanced practice RNs (APRNs) who provide dementia care and primary care simultaneously and continuously. Methods: We explored the experiences of 12 informal caregivers of persons living with dementia during their first year at the Clinic. Data were analyzed via directed content analysis. Results: Caregivers described the Clinic as “the only place you should go to for dementia [care].” Caregivers felt a sense of belonging to the Clinic, valued APRNs' competence and staff's dedication, and round-the-clock telephone access to APRNs. Caregivers also acknowledged that “we're all out here swimming on our own.” They expressed their sense of being overwhelmed and needing more services and medical and non-medical resources, and more prognostic information on dementia. Conclusions: Although the Clinic is beneficial for caregivers, caregiving demands exceed the supply of services and resources at the Clinic. 

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