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Dementia Caregivers and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Systematic Review

Background: Caregivers are generally family members of the person and may experience psychological difficulties and may need psychological help. [...]the aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based interventions applied to family caregivers of people with dementia. [...]in this study, it is aimed to make a systematic review of the effects of CBT-based interventions on family caregivers of people with dementia. Methods: The current study carried out a systematic review of literature in accodance with Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) guideliness which used in reporting systematic reviews (Moher et al. 2009). Since a national study in this context could not be reached, searches were made in English and were conducted during March 2020 using the following search terms: "cognitive behavioral therapy" and "caregivers of people with dementia", "cognitive behavioral therapy" and "dementia caregivers" "cognitive behavioral therapy" and "caregivers of Alzheimer patients", and "cognitive behavioral therapy" and "Alzheimer's caregiver". Findings: In Table 2, interface mode (face-to-face, telephone and Internet), treatment paradigm (individual and group), schedule of sessions (number, frequency and duration), CBT techniques and interventions applied, evaluation time points, measurement methods and benefits of CBT is given.

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