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Who cares? Information and support for the carers of people with dementia

This booklet for carers gives information about dementia, caring for someone with dementia and the help available to carers. Original edition researched and written by Maggie Jee and Liz Reason.  This edition has been developed with the valuable assistance of Help the Aged, Age Concern (England), the Alzheimer's Society, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, Dementia Voice and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Please note that there may be changes in the benefits system and in social services after publication of this booklet, so you are advised to check benefits and services issues with either your local Citizens Advice Bureau or one of the other agencies listed.

This comprehensive guide is primarily aimed at helping carers of people with dementia to cope with the responsibilities they have to face. It outlines the medical background to dementia, highlighting the various forms of the condition, how it develops and some of the characteristic behaviours of people who are suffering from the condition. The emotional side of being a carer for someone with dementia is explored in the second part of the report, followed by a strong endorsement to seek and ask for help from various sources. The need to support the mental and physical well-being of dementia sufferers is addressed and advice on how to empathise with anxiety and stressful situations is outlined. The solutions for some common practical problems such as helping dementia sufferers to dress, eat and cope with incontinence are also offered. The final part of the guide covers legal matters and also provides a guide to organisations that can offer further help.

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