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Practical Needs in the Home Care of Latino Children With Medical Complexity

Latino children face barriers to high-quality healthcare. Because children with medical complexity (CMC) have higher healthcare needs, Latino CMC are likely to experience greater effects of these barriers. These vulnerabilities are exacerbated when Latino CMC endure adverse social conditions, such as food insecurity and housing instability. The study objective was to describe the challenges faced by caregivers of Latino CMC in meeting the practical needs of their children when caring for them at home. In this qualitative study, 70 Latino CMC enrolled in a complex care program of a tertiary care children's hospital were followed for a median duration of 45 months. We collected care coordination notes from encounter logs and interviewed bilingual care coordinators regarding their experiences with each child. Using thematic content analysis and an iterative process, we identified recurrent themes related to practical needs. Four themes emerged. Caregivers: 1) faced financial challenges due to many reasons that were exacerbated by children's medical conditions; 2) had challenges meeting basic needs of their families, including food and shelter; 3) experienced difficulties obtaining necessary medical supplies for their children; and 4) relied on care coordinators to navigate the system. We conclude that Latino caregivers of CMC experience many challenges meeting their families' basic needs and obtaining necessary medical supplies to care for their CMC at home. Care coordinators play a major role in addressing the practical needs of Latino CMC. Future studies should determine whether addressing the practical needs of Latino CMC would improve their health outcomes.

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