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Adult social care: a scoping report

A project to review the law relating to the provision of adult social care in England and Wales. The legislative framework for adult residential care, community care, adult protection and support for carers is inadequate, often incomprehensible and outdated.  It remains a confusing patchwork of conflicting statues enacted over a period of 60 years.  There is no single, modern statute to which service providers and service users can look to understand whether (and, if so, what kind of) services can or should be provided. The overall aim of the project is to provide a clearer and more cohesive framework for adult social care.  This would help to ensure that service users, carers, social care staff, health professionals and lawyers are clear about rights to services and which services are available.  It will also aim to modernise the law to ensure that it is no longer based on out-dated principles. The first phase of this project will be a scoping report.  This will aim to delineate clearly the scope of the project and provide it with a detailed agenda for reform.

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