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Jordanian Parents’ Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Kidney Disease in Children

Background: Renal disease among children has the potential for not only devastating a child’s health but can also place a burden on the whole family. Adequate knowledge regarding kidney disease in children increases parental adherence to treatment, can help with making an earlier diagnosis, and can decrease morbidity. Purpose: The present study was a cross-sectional assessment of Jordanian parents’ knowledge and attitudes regarding childhood kidney disease. Methods: A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to caregivers of children receiving treatment at pediatric renal clinics. Results: Results revealed that parents have some knowledge about kidney disease in children but not at optimum levels, especially in terms of disease risk, disease complications, and dialysis treatment modalities. Discussion: More parental education is needed on these topics. Greater awareness of childhood kidney disease is needed for more effective early diagnosis, better management, and improved family care and adherence to treatment. Translation to Health Education Practice: Increased Health Education and awareness should help delay progression toward end-stage renal disease and lead to better outcomes.
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