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A study on the Italian validation of the family questionnaire

Expressed Emotion (EE) refers to the emotional behavior and patterns of communication of relatives toward patients, and it is a strong predictor of illness outcome across a variety of psychiatric disorders. The aims of the present study were to provide a contribution for the Italian validation of the Family Questionnaire (FQ), developed by Wiedemann et al. (2002). The FQ is a self-report questionnaire to assess the EE construct. Specifically, the present study aims to examine the psychometric properties (factorial structure, internal consistency and concurrent validity) of the Italian version of the FQ and to explore the differences between mothers' and fathers' emotional responses to patients with eating disorders. The sample was composed of 199 carers of patients with eating disorders (80 males and 119 females, M age = 49.63, SD = 6.24). Confirmatory Factor Analyses verified the original two-factor structure. The internal consistency coefficients of the two FQ dimensions were satisfactory. Further, the present study provided support for the concurrent validity of FQ, also within the Italian context. 

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