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Performance improvement handbook 2010-11

This handbook sets out the new approach to inspection adopted by the Social Work Inspection Agency (SWIA), as shaped by the Scottish Government's approach to inspection and the work of the Crerar review. It is intended to cover the period 2010-11, and marks the final stage of transition from the previous programme of performance inspections to a risk-based performance improvement approach. It covers performance improvement, council performance improvement 2010-2011, the shared risk assessment process, the initial scrutiny level assessment template and assessing the level of scrutiny required, case file analysis, file reading template and guidance notes, the performance improvement model, the role of the link inspector, involving people who use services and carers in performance improvement, quality assurance, inspection team roles and responsibilities, and essential documents and other evidence. It includes the code of conduct for all members of SWIA inspection teams. Annexes cover information about engaging with service users and carers.

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