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Buchanan, Heather

Informal carers' experiences of caring for someone with Multiple Sclerosis: A photovoice investigation

Objectives: This study explores the lived experiences of carers of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), specifically in relation to their quality of life (QoL), through the use of images and narratives, with the aim of gaining a nuanced insight into the complex nature of QoL in the MS caregiving context.; Design: Real-time qualitative design using the photovoice method.; Methods: Twelve MS carers (aged 30-73 years) took photographs of objects/places/events that represented enhancement or compromise to their QoL and composed written narrativ

Fri, 07/23/2021 - 16:37

Capturing the Huntington's disease spousal carer experience: a preliminary investigation using the ‘Photovoice’ method

The purpose of this exploratory study was to capture and describe the experiences of family carers of Huntington's disease (HD) patients, specifically in relation to their Quality of Life (QoL). Visual representations of QoL were gathered using ‘Photovoice’. Five spousal carers photographed and described elements of their life in which they felt their QoL was being enhanced or compromised. Using content analysis, nine manifest themes were identified and tentative latent inferences were made in relation to these themes.

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:13