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Chung, Betty Pui Man

A qualitative exploration of the unmet information needs of Chinese advanced cancer patients and their informal caregivers

Background: Studies in the West have demonstrated that appropriate informational support is a vital component of cancer care, with positive effects on both patients and their informal caregivers.

Mon, 06/13/2022 - 14:09

Unmet care needs of advanced cancer patients and their informal caregivers: a systematic review

Background: This systematic review aimed to identify the unmet care needs and their associated variables in patients with advanced cancer and informal caregivers, alongside summarizing the tools used for needs assessment.; Methods: Ten electronic databases were searched systematically from inception of each database to December 2016 to determine eligible studies. Studies that considered the unmet care needs of either adult patients with advanced cancer or informal caregivers, regardless of the study design, were included.

Tue, 02/19/2019 - 20:33