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Donath, C.

Can brief telephone interventions reduce caregiver burden and depression in caregivers of people with cognitive impairment? - Long-term results of the German day-care study (RCT)

Background: Day-care and telephone counseling have been discussed as effective support measures for caregivers of people with cognitive impairment. Methods: In a two-arm cluster-randomized trial involving multicomponent therapy for cognitively impaired persons in day-care centers and telephone counseling for their caregivers versus treatment as usual (TAU), we investigated long-term effects on caregivers' burden and depressiveness. Person-caregiver dyads involving home-dwelling persons with MCI, mild dementia, or moderate dementia were eligible.

Mon, 10/07/2019 - 13:27

Short-term residential care for dementia patients: predictors for utilization and expected quality from a family caregiver's point of view

Background: Short-term residential care (SRC) has proved to be effective in reducing the burden on family caregivers of dementia patients. Nevertheless, little is known about the factors which influence its usage or the expectations of family caregivers regarding quality. In this paper we address the following questions: (i) which variables of the care situation, the caregivers and their attitudes act as predictors for the utilization of SRC facilities? (ii) What are the views of caregivers about the quality of SRC?

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:10