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Mason, Angela

Does the advice requested by carers of people who live with dementia reflect the level of commissioned post-diagnostic support? A retrospective evaluation of calls to the Me2U dementia day centre 24-hour advice line

Aims: The aim was to examine the reasons for advice requests by carers of people who live with dementia (PLWD) that attend the Me2u dementia day centre in order to identify key explanatory themes. We hypothesised that requests were related mainly to coordinating care and clinical issues due to limited post-diagnostic support (PDS) in our area. Background: The Me2u dementia day centre (Merseyside) cares for PLWD and also supports carers. As part of the service, a 24-hour advice line is included for PLWD and their carers who attend the centre.

Wed, 02/09/2022 - 19:15