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Maxwell, Cathy A.

Policy Opportunities to Support Family Caregivers Managing Pain in People with Dementia

The inherent challenges of an aging population and increased frailty include physical, social, psychological, and cognitive issues and associated complexities. With the growing population of persons living with dementia (PLWD), the need for continued support of family caregivers for these individuals also grows. Chronic pain is a common problem among older adults.

Sun, 06/12/2022 - 13:15

Receptivity of Hospitalized Older Adults and Family Caregivers to Prognostic Information about Aging, Injury, and Frailty: A Qualitative Study

Background: Frailty is the leading prognosticator for poor outcomes and palliative care among older adults. Delivery of negative prognostic information entails potentially difficult conversations about decline and death. Objective: The study aims were to: 1) examine hospitalized older adults' and family caregivers' receptivity to general (vs. individualized) prognostic information about frailty, injury, and one-year outcomes; and 2) determine information needs based on prognostic information.

Mon, 08/03/2020 - 14:33