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Singh, S.

Efficacy of self help- mental health promotion model on mental health of care givers of mentally ill - pre experimental study

Background - Family carers with mental illness is an integral form of care in our nation as in most Non-Western countries. With limited mental health institutions facilities, the care-givers involve various activities in furnishing care for clients with psychological disturbances. The care-givers from the family of mentally ill undergone significant trouble because of the care-giving responsibility they participate in and required assistance from mental health professionals if they face any emotional or psychological alterations.

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 09:56

Assess the effectiveness of planned teaching on knowledge regarding early warning signs and management of Alzheimer's disease among care givers of elderly client

Background: More than four million people in India have some sort of Alzheimer's. This global estimate of 43.8 million people living with Alzheimer's in 2016 in the World Alzheimer's Study is close to an estimated 46 8 million in 2015. A study published on early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's by the Alzheimer's association. In the study, they concluded that education years among caregivers is a predictor of Alzheimer's experience. It appears that family members, especially those with lower levels of education, need to have more knowledge of Alzheimer's.

Tue, 03/09/2021 - 15:17