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Yang, Lili

Family caregivers' experiences of interaction with people with mild‐to‐moderate dementia in China: A qualitative study

Aim: This study aimed to explore the experiences of family caregivers interacting with people with dementia. Background: A majority of people with mild‐to‐moderate dementia live at home with family caregivers. This interaction creates positive experiences and challenges for these caregivers. Design: Descriptive phenomenological qualitative inquiry guided this study. Methods: This qualitative study involved semi‐structured interviews with the caregivers of people with mild‐to‐moderate dementia (n = 10).

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 14:28

Sources of Management Burden and Solutions among Primary Family Caregivers of the Alzheimer's Disease Patient: a Qualitative Study

Background: Alzheimer's disease is commonly seen in older people in China,in particular,its prevalence reaches 5.14% in those aged over 65 years,bringing huge management burden to primary family caregivers of the patient. It has received extensive attention worldwide. Objective: To investigate the sources of management burden and major solutions among primary family caregivers of the Alzheimer's disease patient, providing a basis for further development of the family management system for such patients.

Mon, 07/13/2020 - 16:15