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Factors influencing the decision-making of carers of children with bilateral cataract in Nepal

Objectives: Two hundred thousand children worldwide are blind from cataract. Late presentation for surgery resulting in poor visual outcomes is a problem globally. We aimed to explore the reasons why children are not brought earlier for surgery in Nepal. Methods and Analysis: Mixed-method study of carers of children with bilateral cataract attending a large non-government eye hospital were administered a proforma.

Sun, 01/01/2023 - 15:46

The spiritual needs of seriously ill children and their families

Studies have documented the experiences of families with seriously ill children, but few have focused on the spiritual needs of families confronted with a child's imminent death.

Sun, 01/01/2023 - 13:39

Screening for caregiver psychosocial risk in children with medical complexity: a cross-sectional study

Objective: To quantify psychosocial risk in family caregivers of children with medical complexity using the Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT) and to investigate potential contributing sociodemographic factors.

Design: Cross-sectional study.

Tue, 12/20/2022 - 09:59

‘Food for Life and Palliation (FLiP)’: a qualitative study for understanding and empowering dignity and identity for terminally ill patients in Asia

Objectives: With ‘eating’ posited as Singapore’s domestic pastime, food experiences for Singaporeans constitute national, social, ethnic and personal identities. However, though they form significant parts of Singaporean existence across the lifespan, studies and observations about food experiences for individuals at the end of life remain noticeably absent. Extant literature continues to focus on nutritional practice during illness and the active dying process, forgoing the rich lived experiences of food in the lives of patients and their families.

Wed, 06/01/2022 - 11:26

Caregiver burden versus intensity of anxiety and depression symptoms in parents of children with cerebral palsy as well as factors potentially differentiating the level of burden: a cross-sectional study (Poland)

Objectives: To assess the relationship between caregiver burden and severity of symptoms of anxiety/depression in parents of children with cerebral palsy (CP), and to identify factors differentiating the level of caregiver burden. Setting: Regional rehabilitation centres in South-Eastern Poland.ParticipantsThe study involved 190 parents of children with CP, that is, 138 women and 52 men.

Fri, 01/21/2022 - 14:02

Caregiver burden and proxy-reported outcomes of people without natural speech: a cross-sectional survey study

Objective: To examine interrelations between care-related burden on informal caregivers and their proxy assessments of outcomes in people without natural speech. Design: A cross-sectional survey. Setting: Data were collected in January 2019 from a postal survey of informal caregivers of people without natural speech who are insured by a large regional health insurance company in the German federal state of Lower Saxony.

Fri, 01/21/2022 - 11:18

Adapting a guided low-intensity behavioural activation intervention for people with dementia and depression in the Swedish healthcare context (INVOLVERA): a study protocol using codesign and participatory action research

Introduction: Dementia is a worldwide health concern with incident rates continuing to increase. While depression prevalence is high in people with dementia and psychological interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are effective, access to psychological interventions remains limited. Reliance on traditional CBT for people with dementia and depression may present difficulties given it is a complex psychological approach, costly to deliver, and professional training time is lengthy.

Wed, 01/19/2022 - 18:08

Impact of severe polyhandicap cared for at home on French informal caregivers' burden: a cross-sectional study

Objectives Polyhandicap (PLH), defined by a combination of profound intellectual impairment and serious motor deficits, is a severe condition with complex disabilities. In France, care of the large majority of PLH individuals is managed in specialised rehabilitation centres or residential facilities, but some of PLH individuals are cared for at home. The aims of this study were to assess the self-perceived burden among informal caregivers of PLH individuals and to identify potential determinants of this burden.

Tue, 01/18/2022 - 10:29

Quality improvement study on early recognition and intervention of caregiver burden in a tertiary hospital

BACKGROUND: Caregivers play a crucial role in taking over the important task of looking after patients post-hospitalisation. Caregivers who are unfamiliar with patients' post-discharge care often experience caregiver stress, while patients may see deterioration in their condition. As caregivers are our core partners in healthcare, it is therefore necessary for patient navigators to recognise, assess and address caregivers' needs or burden as early as on admission to hospital.

Wed, 07/28/2021 - 16:38

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