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Family functioning and child asthma severity: A bio-behavioral approach

Introduction: Family factors are directly associated with the psychosocial adjustment of children with chronic illnesses such as asthma (Kaugars, Klinnert, & Bender, 2004). Research indicates that negative family factors may also contribute to child disease severity via bio-behavioral mechanisms of effect. For instance, children from more conflicted families often experience greater internalizing symptoms that subsequently impact their asthma severity (Wood et al., 2006).

Wed, 12/28/2022 - 21:34

Critical comments mediate the association between carer distress and psychological symptoms in persons recently diagnosed with dementia

Introduction: Carers of persons with dementia (PWD) experience high levels of burden and distress and may use criticism in an attempt to change the behavior of PWD and thereby reduce their distress. We hypothesized that carer distress and criticism would each have an impact on the psychological well-being of the PWD and examined whether criticism mediates the association between carer distress and PWD psychological well-being.; Methods: We recruited 61 persons with a recent diagnosis of dementia and their carer via U.K.

Fri, 09/20/2019 - 14:14